Front side of brick house with white trim and A D A ramp A crest showing a line sketch of a building with six pillars below. Text reads University Avenue Bed and Breakfast. Copyrighted 2015.

Welcome to Columbia Missouri's longest running Bed and Breakfast!

Celebrating our 20th Anniversary in 2015!

Established 1995.

Come and stay with us while you visit the Mizzou campus, Stephens College or the Downtown CoMo district.

This weeks news from the heart of Columbia Missouri!
All the students at the University of Missouri have left. Some graduated and have moved onto their careers others have just left for the summer break.
We look forward to a busy week with guests in town for various things and then this weekend we welcome in a bunch of families in town for high school graduations.
The weather is going to be cooler this week and might see some rain showers on Wednesday.
Updated by Brian, May 19th 2015


Watch our video tour below.


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